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Four years after releasing his first mixtape “Agust D“, SUGA of BTS (Check out our BTS Quiz) just dropped his second mixtape “D-2”. The agency BigHit Entertainment has been giving hints by posting pictures with a blurry background and “D-7” as a countdown on it, letting us know something would happen soon.

Today, May 22nd, SUGA released his brand-new mixtape “D-2” with ten songs (including one feature with bandmate RM and with MAX, an american singer) and a music video for ‘대취타’ (Daechwita). The music video takes place in an old Korean town and has a lot of references to YOONGI‘s culture which he proudly shows.

In the music video, AGUST D happens to play two people; himself (YOONGI) and his past-self, greedy for luxury and money (SUGA). The latter is seen as a king, wearing traditional clothes (hanbok) surrounded with several people supposedly dead (their bodies are covered with a tissue.) in front of an Asian temple.

SUGA’s scar

There are a lot of references about the old Korean dynasty, that SUGA criticizes by playing a king having a scar across the eye, which wasn’t a good thing before as if the king is scarred, the kingdom was too.

Fans even noticed from 0:58 to 1:03 that member JIN and JUNGKOOK appeared in the music video and were both wearing Korean traditional clothes started fighting together after SUGA bumped into JIN.

The music video was filmed at Yongin Daejanggeum Park in the city of Gyeonggi, South Korea. Many Korean dramas where filmed in this location but this park is also used for commercial and advertisement films. It is also a historical background for Korea’s culture.

The song itself has a lot of Korean sounds along with traditional military music, that is used for marching with a military attire. Here, SUGA sings about his hardships and what he achieved, showing the world how far he has now come as an artist and with his group BTS.

Daechwita means ”great blowing” and is a traditional Korean music played by wind and percussion instruments, often performed by military while marching.


In his mixtape, AGUST D has four collaborations : ”Strange” with bandmate RM, “28” with korean rapper NiiHWA, ”Burn it” with American singer MAX and “Dear my friend” with Kim Jong Wan from K-Rock group NELL. Those four songs have different style, such as “Dear my friend” which is an emotional ballad about missing your friend who is away from you and remembering time together (“To this day I still miss and miss you”).

But we can also sense the bitterness in the friendship, as if something happened between YOONGI and his friend with lyrics like “To this day would we still be friends? How would it be?” or “Hey, I don’t like you. Hey, even as I say these words, I miss you.” Nonetheless, YOONGI seems to be deeply hurt by that loss, since he can’t forget his friend.

However, “28” (YOONGI‘s age in korean) has more of an R&B style which is about the struggle and fear of growing up, wondering if you have been living your life the right way. With lyrics such as “I grow old and learn about the world” or “Now I’m scared, where have the fragments of my dream gone?“, SUGA expresses his feelings about adult life and not being able to fulfill his childhood dreams.

D-2” by Agust D is available on Spotify right now !

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