Blackpink comeback with a Music Video for “How You Like That.”

After days of posting teasing pictures and videos, BLACKPINK comeback has finally come. More than a day after the Music Video for “Kill This Love”, the girl group is back. Today, they released a new Music Video for “How You Like That.”

Music Video For How You Like That

It is a very colorful Music Video with powerful dancing. The members of BLACKPINK are all seen wearing different outfits and hair in this very aesthetic video. The song ‘How You Like That’ has a very catchy sound with powerful beat drops.

The song lyrics are about getting up and fighting out of that toxic relationship. It can be a reference to BLACKPINK not releasing a lot of music and people pressuring them. However, the girls are stronger than that and fell out of that dark hole.

BLACKPINK in How You Like That

This song is the start of a new era for BLACKPINK. The girls appear stronger, showing how the critics can’t bring them down. During Lisa’s chorus, she raps: “Karma come and get some.” It could be meaning that everything people told them will go back right at their faces.

At one point in the Music Video, we can see the girls standing in front of neon lights wings. It was after ROSÉ sang “The day I fell without my wings.” The following lyrics make a reference about how the girls of BLACKPINK felt vulnerable and that haters should have had brought them down way before.

ROSÉ in How You Like That
ROSÉ in “How You like That”

However, the girls are now seen stronger, with beautiful wings pulling them higher. Before the last chorus, the girls of BLACKPINK sang “Look up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane.”

The title of the song “How You Like That” which is also lyric of the song must be a question towards haters. They are showing how they are still flying high in the music industry and proving their worth.


It had been such a long wait and we couldn’t be happier for the BLACKPINK girls. We can’t wait for their first full-length album to be released!

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