BTS Anniversary: 7 Years of Hard Work and Friendship

Today, on June 13th of 2020 marks the 7th anniversary of BTS as a group. On the same day in 2013, the group released their first music video for “No More Dream.” To end their annual Festa, BTS held a birthday party together, recreating their 1st anniversary in 2014.

BTS Anniversary video on YouTube

Let’s take a look back at BTS career !

2013 – 2015

BTS (방탄소년단) is a South Korean boy group composed of three rappers and four vocalists created by BigHit Entertainment in 2013. They were supposed to be a hip hop group with a different line up but the agency decided to make a k-pop group instead. V was the last member to join BTS and was introduced later than the other members.

BigHit Entertainment was originally a poor agency, that was about to close down. However, BTS still stood up with them to try and be popular. At first, it had been difficult to gain popularity because they were from a small company. Despite being accused of sajaegi, plagiarism and being cut out of some broadcasts, BTS kept on working hard for their fans.

BTS Japan 2015
 BTS 1st JAPAN Concert in 2015

Their hard work finally paid off when they had their first win on a Music Show. On May 5th, 2015, BTS won a “first win” for their song “I NEED U” out of “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt. 1” on “The Show” by SBS MTV. In late 2015, BTS had another first win for their lead single “RUN” out of “The Most Beautiful Moments in Life pt.2“.


It was on November 19th of 2016 at the Melon Music Awards (MMA) that BTS won their first Daesang, which are the most important awards of the night. Beating EXO, BTS is the first group not from the Big 3 agencies (SM, JYP, YG) to win the Daesang for ‘Album of the Year‘ with “The Most Beautiful Moments in Life : Young Forever.

BTS at the 2016 MMA with their Daesang

BTS popularity then grew outside of South Korea, in America. In 2017, for their Wings Tour, the group had nine dates in South and North of America. In the same year, BTS went to the Billboard Music Awards in America and won ‘Top Social Artist against Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande.

BTS slowly started to rise at the top, becoming more and more popular across the world and gained many more fans, especially in the USA. They became the first Korean artist to perform live at the American Music Awards singing their latest hit ‘DNA‘.

BTS American Music Awards 2017
BTS At the AMA in 2017

From September of 2017 to August of 2018 BTS promoted their series album ‘Love Yourself. The first mini album Love Yourself : Her was the highest-selling release with 1,203,533 copies sold on October 14th of 2017. On May 18th of 2018, they continued their series with the Love Yourself : Tear album. The lead single ‘FAKE LOVEbeat the previous record of views in 24 hours with 35.9 million views. 

In August 2018, BTS dropped a repackage album of the two last albums named “Love Yourself : Answer“. Member SEOKJIN delivered an emotional performance with his song and Music Video for “Epiphany.” The song talks about loving yourself first instead of putting other people before you. The Music Video for ”IDOLbroke the previous record of views with 45.9 million in 24 hours.

BTS had a tour from August 2018 to April 2019 all across the world. They performed for the first time in Europe countries like France or Germany. It was the highest grossing tour of 2018 with 790 000 tickets sold. In 2018, they were the first ever Korean artist to perform at the Billboard Music Awards with “FAKE LOVE” and won “Top Social Artist” two years in a row.

2019 – 2020

On April 12th of 2019, BTS released their EP Map of the Soul : Persona. The lead single is “Boy With Luv” a song that talks about love and happiness. They had a feature with Halsey, an American singer, who happens to be their friends. Following their “Love Yourself Tour“, they had another short tour “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour”. They visited seven countries including Saudi Arabia

BTS Speak Yourself Tour
BTS on stage at the Speak Yourself Tour

On May 2nd of 2019, BTS performed “Boy With Luv” at the Billboard Music Awards with Halsey. This night, they became the first Korean group to win “Top Duo/Group” beating Panic! At the Disco and Maroon 5.

At the awards shows MAMA and MMA, in 2019, BTS won all the Daesang of the night. They are the first Korean artist to achieve that. At the MAMA, they performed their old songs “N.O“, “We Are Bulletproof pt.2” and “Boy in Luv” at MMA along with “Boy With Luv“, “Dionysus” and “Mikrokosmos“. They had the longest stage of the two nights. 

BTS Mama 2019
BTS at the MAMA 2019

11 months after their last comeback, BTS dropped their 4th full length album “Map of the Soul : 7“. The album contains 15 new songs; including the title track “ON”. BTS dropped 6 Music Videos for this album counting the Outro and Interlude

This album, more personal, talks in depth about BTS growth and journey throughout their seven years together. They also used the psychology of the Persona, Shadow and Ego. Those three songs (Intro, Interlude and Outro), are all sampled from BTS old songs like a throwback in their lives. 

Map of the soul : 7
4 versions of Map Of The Soul : 7

The duo JIMIN and V had a sub-unit in this album ; they had a song together. With the help of PdoggJIMIN produced the song “FRIENDS.” It is a song about their friendship : they explained how they sometimes have fights but refer to each other as their soulmates

BTS in New York promoting Map of the Soul : 7

is an important number for BTS, hence why they chose to name their upcoming album this way. They are a seven members group and will be celebrating their 7th anniversary as a group so it means a lot for them. It is a very touching way to remember all the things they achieved together and many more to come. 

Map of the Soul: 7 is BTS fourth consecutive No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, behind 2018’s Love Yourself: Tear, Love Yourself: Answer and 2019’s Map of the Soul: Persona. The group keeps on breaking records; it is the first album of 2020 to sell 500,000 pure copies in the United States. A premiere for a Korean group

JUNE 2020

After 13 days of uploading pictures and videos for their every year Festa, it is finally the day of their anniversary. Just like every year, on June 13th, BTS celebrates their anniversary together and show it through a video. This year, the group is doing an online concert to close off their Festa called “Bang Bang Con.” It will be broadcasted live on the application Weverse

Bang Bang Con
Bang Bang Con Banner

On June 12th, BTS uploaded an animated music video for their song “We Are Bulleproof : The Eternal.“It redraws their journey together as a group and with ARMY. From “No More Dream” to “Boy With Luv“, we can see their growth as a group. Towards the end of the video, BTS is sitting down on a whale (which is a reference to their song “Whalien 51”) flying over an ocean of purple ARMY bombs. 

The name of the song is a throwback to their past selves from the album “2 Cool 4 Skool“. BTS remembers their past ; they still remain strong and powerful after all those years united with ARMY.

We are Bulletproof The Eternal
We Are Bulleproof : The Eternal MV

The whale represents ARMY that have always been there to support BTS since the day they debuted. They were the one who helped them fly higher, just like BTS themselves helped ARMY through their music. 

During their 7 years together, BTS had shown their talent and hard work through their deep lyrics and intense choreographies. To this day, the members of BTS still produce and write their own songs which give a more authentic aspect to their albums. The group sing about daily struggles such as acceptance of yourself, anxiety and fear of growing up.

We hope that BTS will still continue to make music together for a long time and celebrate many more anniversaries wih ARMY !

bts birthday
BTS celebrating their birthday together

Now that you know most of the BTS history you should be able to succeed our BTS Quiz !

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