BTS Festa 2020 Day 2 – 7th Anniversary Family Portrait Photo

BTS Festa 2020 day 2 is out !

Since 2014, one year after their official debut, on June 13th of 2013, BTS always celebrate another year of being a group one week before their anniversary. Festa is a ceremony that either starts on the 1st or 3rd of June where the group uploads new pictures, songs and choreographies and more on their YouTube channel.

During their 2016 Festa, BTS released their dance practice for the song “Silver Spoon.” They also gave ARMY songs like “Ddaeng” (written and composed by RM, SUGA and j-hope) on 2018 or ”Tonight (이 밤)” written and composed by JIN for his pets that passed away.

In their 2019 Festa, BTS posted several group and individual pictures of the members wearing outfits from their Love Yourself era (Mic Drop, Go Go, DNA, Airplane pt. 2, IDOL…)

BTS for Festa 2019

On May 28 of 2020, BTS posted the timeline of Festa 2020 on Twitter captionned with #2020BTSFESTA. A day after, the group also posted two pictures and a short video on Instagram with “Here is my secret.” as a caption. In the video, you can hear the beginning of their song “Young Forever.

Following the BTS Festa 2020 schedule, on June 1st, the group had stated they would do an opening ceremony. To start this new Festa, the group shared a homemade Music Video for the song “Airplane pt.2” out of Love Yourself : Tear. In the video, the seven members of BTS are seen singing and having fun around an outside swimming pool from their Summer Package in SAIPAN (2018).

On June 2nd of 2020 at 12AM KST, BTS dropped their 7th Anniversary photos group on twitter (@bts_bighit) with 4 pictures and you can take a look at all the pictures on their Facebook page (

On Twitter, BTS posted four group pictures : on one of them, the members are wearing all pink outfits, just like they did for their “Boy Wih Luv” Music Video. We can also see the seven boys wearing black suits with colourful and funny sunglasses smiling at the camera or trying to act serious.

Q&A about the Festa

Where to watch BTS Festa 2020 ?

BTS upload their pictures and video on Twitter (@bts_bighit) and YouTube (BANGTANTV).

Is Festa free ?

All Festa content posted on Twitter and YouTube is free except Bang Bang Con The Live which will be on VLive and you can purchase it on the Weverse Shop.

How to watch BTS Festa 2020 ?

BTS upload everything at 12AM KST

And if you would like to try your BTS knowledge check out our Quiz !

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