BTS make a comeback with Life Goes On

BTS just dropped their new singleLife Goes On” on YouTube, along with the album BE! But before getting deeper into the subject, let’s take a look at what happened beforehand!

If you want to hear the new single right now, click HERE.

September, 27th

In late September, BigHit Entertainment teased a BTS comeback on Twitter. The new album “BEwill be partially made by BTS, but this time, not only with the music part. They will take part in the video directing, working with visuals, choreographies… It will be a very personal album for the group.

BTS had to postpone Map Of The Soul : The Tour due to the global pandemic; they decided to focus on working on a new album instead. After releasing Map Of The Soul : 7 in February, the group will have a new album out on November, 20th.

October, 19th

BTS dropped their first concept picture for “BE” ! The members are all in a room, surrounded by musical instruments. It also looks like their clothes are slightly opened, as if they just went through a hard day at work, starting to relax with each others.

November,1st to 7th

Around November 1st, BTS dropped individual teaser pictures for BE. Each member can be seen in their own room, in different colors and styles. All the pictures had a caption saying “Curated by BTS”, showing how the group worked on the pictures themselves.

V, who was in the charge of the visual direction of BE, was the first one to show his own curated room. He is in a green room, surrounded by violins, a chandelier, and a huge picture he took himself ; it holds a deep meaning to him.

Each room represents the member’s personalities, such a s J-HOPE‘s colorful room, JUNGKOOK‘s passion for music and speakers, or JIN surrounded with beautiful gemstones. They are showing their every day selves to ARMY.

November, 10th

BTS just released the setlist for “BE” ! The album will include their latest single “Dynamite” released on August, 21st and seven new songs, including “Life Goes On.

Along the tracklist, they inclued an image with the beautiful captionLife goes on like an echo in the forest, like an arrow in the blue sky, on my pillow, on my table. Life goes on like this again

November, 17th

BTS released the first teaser video of Life Goes On on their social media. BTS are seen all together around a campfire and then in a living room. There is also a melody playing in the background which is most likely a snippet of the song.

The members of BTS are all smiling and laughing with each other. It seems like an intimate moment between the seven of them that will most likely be portrayed more in the actual Music Video.

November, 18th

The next day, a new teaser video is out, however, this time it is in black and white with the members all by themselves. We can again hear a snippet of the song.

At the end of the short teaser, we can see JUNGKOOK holding a camera as if he was the one filming the Music Video. Throughout the years, we have learned that he was a big fan of editing videos. He even posts his own edited videos on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel, named “Golden Closet Film.”

Teaser 2 for Life Goes On

November, 20th

The Music Video for “Life Goes On” Is finally out on YouTube along with the “BE” album!

Life Goes On” is an emotional, alternative song saying that no matter the harsh circumstances, there will always light at the end of the tunnel. You shouldn’t stop hoping for a better tomorrow and live your life fully.

The Music Video (which is partly filmed by JUNGKOOK) is a moving, peaceful video showing the member’s lives. We can see them do everyday things, such as JIMIN brushing his teeth, RM watering his bonsai, and taking his bike out.

The members of BTS are also seen together, having a pajama party and joking around with each other. Towards the end of they are all seen in a stadium with their mics in their hands, singing the last bit of “Life Goes On.” They are looking forward to sharing these important moments with ARMY, singing their songs live again.

Music Video for Life Goes On

In the song there are lyrics such as “One day the world stopped without warning“, talking about the actual world situation. SUGA also sings “But thankfully between you and me nothing has changed.” It emphasizes BTS’s strong relationship with their fans ARMY and that the world’s pandemic didn’t impact anything.

We are hoping for a better time during this pandemic, and that BTS will be able to do concerts all around the world again. “Life Goes On” symbolizes the good moments you can share with people around you.

We are loving this new BTS album “BE” and the song “Life Goes On“! Go check out the album on Spotify!

We hope that you liked the songs! Congratulations to BTS for releasing “BE“! We are wishing SUGA a good and fast recovery during this hard time!

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