BTS Music Video for Japanese song “Stay Gold.”

On the 19th of June, a week after their anniversary, BTS released a studio version of their new Japanese song “Stay Gold.” It is a four minutes long love song out of the new Japanese album “Map Of The Soul: The Journey.

Audio for Stay Gold

The album is full of Japanese music including new versions of “ON“, “Black Swan” and “Dionysus.” It will also contain three more new songs: the intro “Calling“, “Your eyes tell” and an outro “The Journey.

On the 26th of June, BTS released a Music Video for “Stay Gold.The video gained 5 million views four hours after it was out.

In the Music Video, the boys are all seen alone, mostly sad looking as if they were looking for someone. It is during the chorus that the members are all together. BTS are seen smiling, being happy together again.

BTS Stay Gold Music Video
BTS in the Stay Gold Music Video

Towards the end of the Music Video, we can see streaks of gold flying around the rooms the boys are in. In the end, the members found their path together and are standing around a very colorful environment, surrounded by cherry blossoms.

Music Video for Stay Gold

The album “Map Of The Soul: The Journey” is set to be released on July 15. While waiting for it, go listen to “Stay Gold” and stream the Music Video!

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