Stray Kids comeback with the album “GO生”

On June 17th of 2020, the group Stray Kids made a new comeback. “GO生” is their first full-length album and contains 14 tracks with 10 new songs. The title track is “神메뉴 (God’s Menu)“; it combines the Chinese Hanja “神” meaning “God” with “메뉴” which means “Menu” in Korean. The album was all written by the members of 3RACHA (HAN, BangChan, and Changbin).

Music Video for “神메뉴” on YouTube

神메뉴” is a hip-hop song written and produced by the trio 3RACHA. The meaning of the song is that it is a menu that everyone will like. The group wanted to attract all the audience’s attention with all its capacity. Lyrics like “Anything on the menu will satisfy all your five senses.”, and “Taste so good everyone wants it.” can be heard in the song.

It is a very powerful song with a dark music video and intense choreography. We can see the members of Stray Kids in the kitchen as if they were preparing the menu for their new album.

Go listen to Stray Kids on Spotify and Apple Music now !

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