Top 10 ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Hairstyle

The members of ATEEZ are known for their extravagant hair color. The leader of the rookie group HONGJOONG went through a lot of changes throughout their 2 years of career together.

Here is what we think are HONGJOONG best hairstyle or color !

10. Pre-debut HONGJOONG hair

During his trainee year for MIXNINE, the leader of ATEEZ had brown/dark hair which is really different from his now colorful hair! We are so used to seeing him with crazy hair color!

Hongjoong brown hair

9. Sunny hair

HONGJOONG looks absolutely adorable with his blonde hair! Slightly parted short hair always gives a good look and the rapper rocks it perfectly! And the peace sign makes the pictures even cuter.

Hongjoong blonde hair

8. Eyebrow slit and haircut bowl

During the “Wonderland” era, HONGJOONG had been trying on darker hair. He is also a big fan of the eyebrow slit that gives a new vibe to his style. We are a big fan of this dark grey color but not quite sure about the hairstyle!

Hongjoong grey hair

7. I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa

From the same era, HONGJOONG had been loving playing with his eyebrows and decorating it. The leader had started this era with dark blue hair and an undercut, showing his forehead, very different from his parted hair!

Hongjoong dark blue hair

6. Ron Weasley Style

For ATEEZ third album “EP.3 : One to All“, they released a Music Video for “Illusion.HONGJOONG was seen with bright and long orange hair. We love the matching coat that goes so well with his hair!

Hongjoong orange hair

5. Ocean hair

It is HONGJOONG latest hair color from the first online KCON. The rapper appeared with light blue hair and parted hair, showing off his forehead. He posted cute pictures on Twitter after the event, showing off his new hairstyle to ATINY!

4. Cotton Candy color

At the beginning of 2020, ATEEZ dropped a Music Video for “Answer.” The leader of the group started the year with a much lighter hair color contrasting with his style during the previous era. He had short hair with pink highlights which suited him so well.

Hongjoong pink hair

3. Snow White

At the 2019 MAMA, HONGJOONG performed for the first time with ATEEZ. He had traded his dark hair for white hair. The leader was seen wearing a white coat, matching his hair, making him look like an angel. He often matches his hair color with every little accessory which makes him look even more wholesome!

Hongjoong white hair

2. The Little Mermaid

For a long time, HONGJOONG was seen wearing nail polish on his pinky almost every day. No wonder why he matched the bright nail with his hair. Red is a color that suits the rapper perfectly and we couldn’t appreciate it more. During the promotion of their song “Wave“, he had different shades of red, matching the good energy of the summer’s song!

1. Throwback to the 80’s

Since the beginning of their career with the release of “Pirate King“, HONGJOONG had long hair at the back of his head. It was during the “Say My Name” era that his hair had grown a lot, showing a long mullet. This hairstyle had been a lot present in the K-pop industry since 2015 with the rapper G-Dragon. Like many other K-pop idols, Hongjoong had been pulling the mullet perfectly!

ATINY were sad when HONGJOONG decided to cut off his mullet for the promotion of their third album “TREASURE EP.3: One To All.

We really can’t get enough of HONGJOONG diverse hairstyles and color! We are impatient to see which color he will bring out for ATEEZ next comeback or if he is going to keep his blue hair!

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