Top 10 BTS J-HOPE’s best outfits

J-HOPE outfits are known for their colorful and interesting style. But in the end, the main dancer of the group wins everyone’s hearts with his – sometimes – questioning choices. The BTS dancer HOSEOK has a lot of accessories in his outfits such as bucket hats, caps, or sunglasses. It is always said that he has the most luxury fashion among his members.

Let’s take a look at what we think are J-HOPE best outfits!

10. The airport outfit

J-HOPE is rocking an all-black outfit at the airport with a red backpack matching with his shiny hair. The bag has his signature name on it; “HOPE” written in yellow.

9. Black and White

When taking the plane, nothing is better than a simple outfit ! A white button-up and black jeans are good to go ! Nothing really extravagant, considering it is coming from J-HOPE.

8. Blue Side

When arriving in the USA for the Billboards Music Awards 2018, J-HOPE tries on an interesting style. A blue oversized outfit with sunglasses and hairband is the comfiest way to take the plane. He always impresses people with the choices he is making. No one can really put an outfit like this as HOBI !

7. Purple Velvet

During the Wings Tour in 2017, J-HOPE wears a purple velvet robe to cover his red outfit while performing “Cypher pt. 4“. The colored sunglasses complete the look in a perfect way, matching with the outfit.

6. Black outfit : The Return

In 2018, J-HOPE always wore his see-through bag like in the 8th look. J-HOPE is again seen with an all-black outfit with his long belt dangling out and chunky shoes.

5. Floral outfit

What makes J-HOPE style looks better is his adorable, contagious smile. Top it with a floral jacket blue jeans and white sneakers and boom! It is all good. J-HOPE really is knowing it all !

4. Little Red Riding Hood

J-HOPE really looks like the sunshine itself with his big smile. During the Love Yourself/Speak Yourself era, he was seen wearing this bright red suit matching with his gleaming microphone.

3. Leather look

J-HOPE really is the king of the airport fashion ! The dancer of BTS totally rocks the leather jacket and ripped pants with high DC Martens. He is also wearing a lot of accessories to finish off his look in the right way. The scarf, sunglasses, cap… He is not missing anything !

2. Dark style

We all love an all-black outfit on J-HOPE! For the Love Yourself tour, the rapper had been killing it with the leather pants and belt around his strong thighs. We totally love the gloves along with it!

1. Dior outfit

This is for us, the best outfit that J-HOPE could wear! We are big fans of an all-black outfit. For their Speak Yourself Tour, BTS had all been wearing designed outfits by DIOR and we think J-HOPE‘s one could be the best. The dancer wearing a harness around his chest and chains hanging out his cargo pants look absolutely gorgeous and we would love to see a similar outfit in the future!

We are big fans of J-HOPE‘s fashion and those are our favorite outfits he had worn, even though there are so many we could have used. What is your favorite outfit of J-HOPE? Do you think we could have added something else? Let us know in the comments!

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