WayV comeback with a music video for “Turn Back Time”

Today, the Chinese group WayV under SM entertainment, made a comeback with their first full album “Awaken the World“. The album contains 10 songs with “Turn back time” as the title track.

Music Video for turn Back Time

The Music Video for “Turn back time” looks very dark and the members are all wearing black with red outfits. The members can be seen executing a powerful and fierce choreography which still represents the group very well.

WayV already sang the song during their online concert “Beyond Live” on V App. It was broadcasted live on May, 4th of 2020, where the group performed their hit songs like “MoonWalk” and “Regular“.

We can also note that the members of WayV still take part in writing their own songs. YangYang wrote the song “Only Human“, an emotional track with deep lyrics such as being happy throughout harsh and anxious times in life.

Here is a tweet with a link that leads you to the album on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and YouTube. Check it out now!

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Written by Anthony

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