WJSN (Cosmic Girls) makes comeback with mini-album “Neverland”

On May, 10th of 2020, Starship Entertainment started teasing fans that the girl group Cosmic Girls was set to comeback on June, 9th. 6 months after their last mini-album “As you wish“, the group is back with a new music video for “BUTTERFLY” out of their brand new album “Neverland.” The promotion of the album will again be without the three Chinese members Cheng Xiao, Xuan Yi, and Mei Qi.

For nearly a month, the girl group WJSN had been posting on their Twitter pictures and videos, teasing the fans. On May, 17th, they shared the tracklist for “Neverland” which contains 6 songs. It includes the title track “Butterfly“.

On Twitter, WJSN started uploading teasing pictures and videos for each member. They started with member SEOLA. The pictures are very colourful, with flowers and all girls are wearing white outfits with pastel pattern on it.

Today, on June 9th, WJSN dropped the music video for “Butterfly” on YouTube at 6 PM KST. The song contains lyrics written by member EXY. It is a very moving and cheerful track.

The lyrics are very positive; the metaphor of butterfly’s wings is used here as a girl wanting to be free and fly on her own. The lines talk about accepting yourself as you grow from childhood to adulthood.

Music Video for “Butterfly”

The colorful and moving music video gained more than 300 000 views in the past seven hours. WJSN had a special showcase and performed their song ”Butterfly” on TongTongTV.

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